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The appearance of mold in a washing machine is a ubiquitous issue that is quite often pertained to improper appliance utilization. As a consequence, an unpleasant odor exudes from the washer. Mold affects the rubber parts of the washing machine, including the door boot seal, the washer dispenser, air conditioner tray, the surface of the drain pump and the drain hose.

Causes of mold: improper installation and connection of the washer, constantly closed door, washing at low temperature, improper use of detergents.

It is known that mold has a fungal nature and multiplies by spores. The smallest spores are weightless, incredibly tenacious and they pose a great threat to health, settling on the skin, mucous membrane and easily penetrating into the body through the respiratory tract or skin. Mold can penetrate into the lung tissue extremely deeply. The result of ingestion of mold into the body can be the trigger of diseases such as asthma and pneumonia. Mold spores are aggressive and utterly toxic and when they enter the body, can provoke the following repercussions: respiratory, visual and hearing diseases, allergic reactions, skin diseases, kidney and liver damage, inflammation of the mucous membranes and joints, weakening of the immune system.

Black mold is particularly dangerous during the COVID19 pandemic; by affecting the respiratory tract, mold negatively affects the lungs, making it difficult for them to function. Doctors tend to believe that mold can provoke cancer against the background of general intoxication and overwhelming suppression of immunity. Black mold is especially dangerous in a house in which there are small children because it has quite a negative effect on their young health.

It is recommended to clean the washing machine regularly once every 3-6 months, starting washing at a temperature of at least 60 °C and adding special detergents to the dispenser tray. After each wash, it is necessary to wipe the door boot seal with a dry cloth and leave the door of slightly open. In addition, it is necessary to occasionally clean the hoses and filter of washing machine.

At least once a year, carry out a full service of the washer: cleaning/replacing rubber parts, cleaning the tank, cleaning/replacing the drain hose, cleaning the dispenser tray, cleaning the coarse filter.

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Tina Sean
Tina Sean

I had my oven repaired by Washer & Dryer Repair Pro Service within the same day I called, which I greatly appreciated. I found them to be extremely helpful and affordable compared to other local appliance repair businesses I contacted.

Loyd Swonson
Loyd Swonson

I will recommend Washer & Dryer Repair Pro Service in New York! Technicians are dedicated to assisting you with good stewardship of your resources by providing the most cost effective and efficient resolutions to your appliance needs! this information is confirmed by me! Thank you so much)

Charles Rapoport
Charles Rapoport

Appliance Repair LA is by far the most convenient home appliance repair company in New York. Over the years they’ve repaired my refrigerator, washing machine, clothes Washer, dishwasher and oven. I just tried their new online scheduling system, and I Love It! - So convenient!

Jennifer Johnson

Great guys. Great service. Alexander and his team really know whats going on. They repaired my LG washer and Washer the same day I called them to come out. They refunded my inspection fee and were cheaper than the other guys I called first. I couldn't be happier.


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